Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Kid Behind Bars

busted Donnie Wahlberg mugshot

Subject: Donnie Wahlberg

Charges: In March 1991, New Kids on the Block member Donnie Wahlberg was arrested on charges of first-degree arson for setting fire in a hallway with a bottle of alcohol at The Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

Date: Mugshot taken on March 27, 1991

Verdict: In April 1991, the busted singer agreed to a reduced charge of second-degree criminal mischief and made public service ads about fire safety, drugs, and drunk driving in return for an eventual dismissal of the charge.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busted Billie

busted Billie Joe Armstrong mugshot

Subject: Billie Joe Armstrong

Charges: Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of the rock group Green Day, was arrested by Berkeley, California cops in January 2003 for driving under the influence and speeding.

Date: Mugshot taken on January 5, 2003

Verdict: After Armstrong failed sobriety and breathalyzer tests, he was taken to jail and booked for misdemeanor drunk driving. He was released later that morning on $1,200 bail.