Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lost in Jail

busted Michelle Rodriguez mugshot

Subject: Michelle Rodriguez

Charges: In November 2003, Rodriguez went to court to face eight misdemeanor charges based on two driving incidents, including a hit and run and DUI. She went to jail for 48 hours, performed community service, completed a three-month alcohol program, and was placed on probation for three years.

In 2005, while filming the television series Lost in Hawaii, Rodriguez was pulled over multiple times for speeding violations. On December 1, 2005, she was again busted for DUI. She was sentenced to 260 days in jail, a 30-day alcohol rehabilitation program, and another 30 days of community service. Because of overcrowding, she was released from jail on the same day she entered it, but she still had to serve the community service.

In September 2007, Rodriguez allegedly violated her probation by not completing her community service and not following an alcohol education program. She even consumed alcohol three times while wearing an alcohol monitoring device.

Date: Mugshot taken on December 23, 2007

Verdict: Rodriguez was sentenced to 180 days in jail in the Century Regional Detention Facility located in Lynwood, California. On December 23, 2007, she turned herself in. She would spend the holidays (Christmas and New Year) in slammer.

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khayce said...

aww,, how sad. . . nwei it's her fault. . . be careful next time. .