Thursday, March 6, 2008

Real Jackass

Subject: Steve-O

Charges: In July 2002, Jackass star Steve-O (real name: Stephen Glover) was arrested in Los Angeles on obscenity and for being a principal to a second-degree battery, both of which occurred at a nightclub in Louisiana on July 11, 2002. He was charged for performing his now infamous stunt, The Butterfly (in which he staples his scrotum to his thigh!) and for participating in another stunt during which a bouncer slammed a patron's head on the ground.

After posting a $150,000 bond in the Los Angeles court system, Steve-O was allowed to return to Louisiana where he turned himself in to the local authorities. He was released from Louisiana's custody with a $35,000 bond in August 2002 and was required to return to Los Angeles to prove that he turned himself in to Louisiana authorities.

Date: Mugshot taken on July 31, 2002

Verdict: Placed on supervised probation for one year, Steve-O was forbidden from performing in Louisiana ever again. He was also required to make a charitable donation of $5,000 to a shelter for battered women and children.

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lilth said...

Do you remember the Golden Rule "treat other as you wany to be treated"

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